Since 1982, we are constantly present in tourism and transport business.

We select and propose always MiniCruise and Excursions of a day, starting in the morning and returning in the evening, with departure from Calabria and Sicily.

During these 35 years we managed, in Calabria and Sicily, various travel agencies, tour operators, incoming agencies, shipping companies, accommodation facilities, etc.

Keeping in touch with tourists has made us understand not only their needs, but also the way to make the Excursion in every aspect, even in small things, which, as we say, are always "great things".

For minicrosers, we have since understood that simple shipping has been integrated with a number of additional services to make "one day" unique.

So we were the pioneers, when few believed, of the "Miniclip to the Aeolian Islands", thus creating an extraordinary mix of transport, tourist entertainment, information and assistance on board and on the ground.

We could really mention many of the activities that have been the protagonists of us all these years, but we like to mention only one that is well known in the territory, well rooted, the one that has been most but unnecessarily imitated by so many: those who will not remember the extraordinary The success of the "Euroline" motorboat with all its staff of animators, assistants and tour guides who gave our customers unforgettable days?

We were us.

Time changes, changing the needs of vacationers and today we are more than ever present on the market, ready to find new scenarios to give to our customers.

The "Excursion Booking Center" for Calabria and Sicily was born.

We have expanded the consolidated Minicrociere to the Aeolian Islands by adding to the traditional Panarea, Stromboli, Lipari and Vulcano the islands of Salina, Alicudi and Filicudi.

Numerous excursions by bus and minibus have been planned to visit the most important tourist attractions of Calabria and Sicily such as Taormina, Reggio Calabria and Bronzi di Riace, Scilla, Tropea and Pizzo, Etna and Catania and many others.

Since 2017 we have also included in our programming the Minicrosers at the Egadi Islands with the opportunity to visit the beautiful Favignana and Levanzo.

And today we operate from the ports of Messina, Milazzo, Trapani, Villa San Giovanni, Tropea with 4 Motonavi, with different characteristics of each other, in order to allow the full satisfaction of the Clients by also making a new mix today Security, speed, information, prices, times and accessories.

So we select Navigation Companies and Excursions that accept and pursue our business philosophy and promote sales.

As is understandable, this has allowed us to broaden our customer base and offer better services at highly competitive prices.

We have also enhanced the customer transfer service to the ports of departure and vice versa.

With our minibuses, private buses and private cars, we are able to guarantee excellent transfer rates, whose value for money is of net benefit to the client, from the main tourist resorts of Calabria and Sicily.

Today, like 35 years ago, we have the same enthusiasm to face the new challenges that the market demands and think "ahead" to offer our customers the best.

Good trip from Euroline and Navigare S.r.l.

Via Nervesa n. 26 – 89122 Reggio Calabria

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