with the sciara del fuoco


DEPARTURES FROM the PORT OF MILAZZO 9.00 a.m. with return at 22,00/23,00 (see note)


From May 4 to September 28: SATURDAY


From 22 July to 4 September: MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY SATURDAY


Ability to transfer A/R by minibus from the town below up to Milazzo


Tourist information on board of the ship in Italian and English language

After leaving the Port we will sail to Lipari for arrival at the Port of Marina Corta. Lipari, where the contrast between the blue sea and the white mountains of pumice which are the framework for two famous faraglioni “Petra” and “Petra Menalda”,is the largest and most populated island of the aeolian archipelago. We recommend the visit of the Castle of Lipari, within which you will find the Basilica of San Bartolomeo, the Patron saint of Lipari, or exploring the archaeological zone, located in "Contrada Diana, to visit the archaeological Museum "Luigi Bernabo Brea". Finally, a walk through the narrow and picturesque streets of the historic centre will give you the chance to go shopping and immerse yourself in the typical lifestyle of the aeolian archipelago. To discover the scenic beauty of the island of Lipari, should the tour bus. Departure from Lipari, short navigation and arrival at Panarea. Panarea, the smallest island, and less high of the aeolian archipelago, is also the most glamorous, popular from celebrities who love the sea, the beaches as well as the lively nightlife. The historic centre is a painting colored bright blue and white of the houses that illuminate the narrow streets that lead to St. Peter's Church (the main religious building of the island). After a visit to the Bay of Cala Junco in the form of an amphitheatre, which is bounded on either side by extravagant rock formations create a spectacular natural pool, we suggest you stretch out on the sandy beach of Cala degli Zimmari. Started from the Panarea island you will sail along the Is that with the islets of Basiluzzo, Spinazzola, Lisca Bianca, Dattilo, Bottaro, Lisca Nera and the rocks of Panarelli and Ants form a micro-archipelago between Lipari and the island of Stromboli. Stromboli, the only one of its kind, is the island on which lies one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The explosions and rhythm of ash and lapilli make it a charming place and wild. During the stopover, you can visit piazza San Vincenzo, who took the name from the homonymous church and the house in which they stayed Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman during the filming of the film “Stromboli, land of God”. Looking out from the square will be visible in the panoramic view of the harbour with the Strombolicchio, the volcano is older than the Aeolian islands. Breathtaking scenery then in the night when the fire of the eruptions and the dark collide, giving life to creations of colours, always new in the Sciara del Fuoco, visible from the sea during the is return.
Note: Return to Milazzo at 22,00/23,00 in function of the sunset in all periods.




euroline navigare sconti



At all rates you must add the entrance ticket to the Aeolian Islands (from 01/06/2019 to 30/09/2019: € 5,00. Other periods: € 2,50)

For information and timetables contact the booking: 349.1204314. Information in english language: 349.6755402. Reduction for groups on request.


Transfer optional minibus/bus up to Milazzo, a/r from the locations listed below
Runs on days : SATURDAY
On other days only on request subject to surcharge and availability


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